Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission Validator/Verifier – Energy & Carbon Technical Expert

Fhandy Pandey is a professional with expertise in various areas related to energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) management. He has extensive experience in GHG validation and verification, contributing to various environmental and sustainability programs. Pandey holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics, a Master’s Degree in Geothermal Engineering, a Master’s Degree in Energy Security, and an Engineer’s Degree. He is currently involved in multiple roles, including Head of Greenhouse Gas Products at PT. Truclimate Decarbonisasi Indonesia and Senior Consultant in ESG & Climate Change at PT. Terrathrive Bakti Indonesia. His skills include GHG management and various energy technologies​​​​. Here’s a detailed overview of his background, expertise, and professional achievements:

Professional Role and Expertise

  • Current Roles: As of 2023, Fhandy Pandey holds multiple positions:
    • Head of Greenhouse Gas Product at PT. Truclimate Decarbonisasi Indonesia.
    • Senior Consultant in ESG & Climate Change at PT. Terrathrive Bakti Indonesia.
  • Specialization: He has specialized in the field of energy technical expertise, with specific roles as a Geothermal Engineer, GHG Verifier, GHG Validator, and GHG Consultant​​.
  • GHG Management: His expertise includes the development and application of methodologies for GHG calculations, GHG accounting, and GHG inventory management. He also focuses on energy mitigation strategies, industrial processes, and waste management​​.
  • Energy and Sustainability: Pandey works as a Greenhouse Gas Validator/Verifier in the Green Economy Department, contributing to various environmental and sustainability programs such as SRN-PPI, JCM, CDM, VCS, Plan Vivo, and GS (Gold Standard)​​.
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  • Physics: He obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics from Samratulangi University (2010-2015).
  • Geothermal Engineering: Pandey earned a Master’s Degree in Geothermal Engineering from the Bandung Institute of Technology (2016-2018).
  • Energy Security: He also holds a Master’s Degree in Energy Security from The Republic of Indonesia Defense University (2021-2023).
  • Professional Education: In addition, he completed an Engineer’s Degree from Atma Jaya Catholic University (2022-2023)​​.

Skills and Capabilities

  • GHG Management Skills: His skills encompass GHG emission inventory, calculation, and methodology, along with knowledge in fuel combustion and fugitive emissions from fuels.
  • Energy Technology: He is adept in various energy technologies including power generation, energy transmission, energy efficiency, and several types of power plants such as solar, biogas, biomass, hydro, geothermal, coal, diesel, and natural gas power plants​​.


Fhandy Pandey has also contributed to academic research, with publications such as:

  • “The effect of national GDP growth on Indonesia’s CO2 emissions”
  • “The Carbon Tax Implementation Plan in Indonesia”​​​​.
  • “Perancangan Sistem Pemanas Ruangan dengan Memanfaatkan Energi Panas dari Brine di Lapangan Panas Bumi Wayang Windu”
  • “Simulasi Penjalaran Tsunami Di Beberapa Pantai Di Sulawesi Utara Sebagai Upaya Mitigasi Bencana”

Fhandy Pandey’s work demonstrates a strong commitment to energy and environmental sustainability, with a focus on practical and policy aspects of greenhouse gas management and renewable energy.